Stories of Hope

Amystrong Foundation @ Facebook

"Amy! Thank you for the sunshine surprise delivered today! I am especially delighted by the cup with the You Are My Sunshine on it. Mom always sang this to me and I am going to give her a cup of tea in the morning in this ! 🙂 . Love the idea and would like to send a package to someone in Pennsylvania. I would like to share your information with the radiology ladies at Mercy, too."

"Good evening Amy, my name is Erica and yesterday I received a special package from a dear friend of mine in celebration of your spreading sunshine event! As a younger survivor of 7 years it was such a blessing to receive an act of kindness in honor of you and the love that you are spreading. I hope that you too have won your battle with breast cancer and wish you good health, lots of blessings and especially SUNSHINE 💜"

"Dear Amy, Words cannot express how happy I was to receive the Box of Sunshine. It arrived on a particularly bad day and lifted my spirits so much - I am using everything, even wearing the leggings! All I can say is thank you for doing something so kind and special."